Where in the world is Team Koombea? [March 2014]

March in Review Koombea 2014

March was a HUGE month for us here at Koombea. We had our team across the globe doing fun things, attending awesome events, blogging about their experiences, taking funny photos, and overall enjoying themselves. So where were we most of the time? 

Koombea Presence: NYC | Austin | SF | Barranquilla

[Adknowledge] Digital Insights from 23 Marketing Trendsetters


“My main advice to marketers would be to TRULY understand your product. If you can explain it to others they will get excited, too.” - Ellie Cachette

Earlier this year AdKnowledge identified several key areas of marketing and selected our very own VP of Product Marketing as one of the 23 “Trendsetters in Marketing.” In this mini-book of interviews Ellie Cachette broke down what’s most important for marketers to remember based upon her years of experience both in software and with Koombea where we help dozens of companies build out apps and technologies.

Simple Steps to Great UX/UI


Building a great mobile app takes careful planning and execution. Sometimes having the right user flow can be more important that how beautiful a page looks, and other times having a beautiful icon might just be enough to get that extra consumer download. At Koombea we help companies build all kinds of apps from beginning to finish. This month we set some time aside to talk with our VP of Product Marketing Ellie Cachette, and leading Designers (Mario Rocchi, Diego Coronado, and Ivan Arango) to get the scoop on simple steps for making sure you have the right UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) to turn that business idea into a winning mobile app. Judging by the action and being featured on the Slideshare homepage, we suggest you take a look below.