5 Product Manager MUSTS for Creating a Successful App

5 Product Manager Musts

Product management is a tough job. You must tread the intersection between business, technology, and user experience, to discover a product that is valuable, usable, and feasible.

And there are no guarantees in the world of mobile and web applications. You can have a great application with the most innovative and amazing features—but if nobody wants it, it’s worthless…just another forgotten product in the application market.

So how do you make your application exceptional, and give it the best chance of success?

7 Key Questions to Ask Your Prospective Tech Agency

7 Questions to Ask your Future Tech Agency

From the moment you decide to move forward with your mobile or web application idea, you’re faced with a tough question:

Should you build the product in-house, or hire an external team (tech agency)?

You want to to build your product in the easiest and most cost efficient way, but It can be exhausting and costly to build an in-house team and it wastes valuable time. If you hire a tech agency, you can have a full, experienced team at your service—ready to create a great digital product for your business. To view our Slideshare version of this blog, click here. 

Why you should choose Area Dos to expand & consolidate your startup. [Re-post]


This past week the Koombea team has been working hard to build Area Dos Co Colombia, a co-working space, mentorship program, and fun, app building atmosphere for startups with already made applications to help them expand and consolidate their growth. “This has been something we have been wanting to do for a while,” says CEO and founder of Koombea, Jonathan Tarud, “Finally we get the opportunity to help entrepreneurs and startups consolidate and expand what they already have to spread and nurture the tech community already growing here in Colombia. Our goal is to empower the movement of Latin America tech and keep it growing.”

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Team Koombea at Campus Party [2014]


Our Koombea Team is once again prepping and gearing up to participate at Campus Party for the third year. Campus Party is a week long, action packed, educational place where technology and internet minds come together to share their experiences while being one of the largest LAN parties in the world. In a little less than two weeks, 10 Koombea reps will be flying out to Cali, Colombia and providing some of the best knowledge in development, design, marketing, and entrepreneurship with some amazing topics like No more Lorem Ipsum, Good Ways to Test Rails Apps, How to Build an MVP, and Mobile Monetization.